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About Us


Here at the Adult Health and Wellness Centre, our goal is to meet the growing needs of vulnerable populations in the Sudbury area; individuals with developmental disabilities. There is currently a lack of services available for these individuals which emphasizes the need for an innovative adult day program that offers safe, supportive, and rich environments that stimulate ongoing socialization and quality of life. The Adult Health and Wellness Centre will meet the unique needs by creating programs that will offer individuals with developmental disabilities an avenue for social integration and enhanced psychological, mental, and physical well-being. Our programs will offer the much needed respite care services for the caregivers which is essential for their ongoing wellness, and will take place in two separate phases.

Phase 1 -"Focus on Abilities" Day Program

The Focus on Abilities Day Program is dedicated to enhancing the service needs for those with developmental disabilities to inspire, educate and encourage these individuals to become more independent within their home setting and within their community. Our goal is to guide our clients on their journey to independence while encompassing all areas of everyday living, such as: lifeskills, academics, social skills, physical activity, community involvement, and so much more. Focus on Abilities is setting the bar for exceptional day program services here in the Sudbury area. For more information, visit the Focus on Abilities Day Program tab on our website. 

Phase 2 -Overnight Relief Programming

There is an incredible need in our community for overnight respite care services for adults with developmental disabilities. The second phase of our organization will be to provide these individuals with the essential respite care services that they so desperately need and deserve. Much like our day program, our overnight relief services will be based on providing individuals with the highest quality of care in a warm, welcoming, safe environment. We want these individuals to receive the same quality of care that they would receive in their home setting by providing them with their ideal "home away from home"; all while meeting their needs in all aspects of daily living. Stay tuned for more information regarding our overnight relief services.

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